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English Unlimited (EU) is a vibrant, dynamic language school centrally located in the heart of Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. We have modern facilities and a caring, friendly, passionate team of staff. Our primary aim is to help our students become proficient communicators in English and prepare them for their adventure as global citizens in a world where English is fast becoming a common language. We do this by developing their ability to communicate in English confidently, through the use of world-class teachers, accredited courses, facilities, exposure to many nationalities and exceptional student care. We believe that with a little effort, persistence and guidance from us, all our students will become proficient and confident speakers of English.

Skills for Life

Australia is our classroom… join our Plus and Boost classes to fast-track your language learning!

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Our Campuses

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    Level 9, 138 Albert Street, Brisbane

    Level 9,
    138 Albert Street
    Brisbane QLD 4000

  • ...

    Level 4, 398 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

    Level 4,
    398 Lonsdale Street
    Melbourne VIC 3000

  • ...

    Ground Floor, 189 Kent St, Sydney

    Ground Floor
    189 Kent Street
    Sydney NSW 2000

  • ...

    Level 3/9 Beach Rd, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217

    Level 3/9 Beach Rd, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217

  • ...

    48-52 Sydney Rd, Manly NSW 2095 (OPENING 09 JANUARY 2023)

    48-52 Sydney Road,
    NSW 2095

Meet Our Team



Program Director - Languages (National)

"The first job that I ever got was as an English teacher and I have continued to work in the ELICOS industry since 2007. When I got the opportunity to become an Academic Manager very early in my career I leapt at the opportunity. I am really passionate about creating new methods of interaction and learning and developing a more holistic approach to teaching. I always try to understand the student’s point of view by putting myself in their shoes and try to create teaching methods and courses that appeal to them. I believe that a great teacher can change the life of a student. I am so happy to be surrounded by so many wonderful teachers at English Unlimited giving students the experience of a lifetime."



QLD Campus Director (Brisbane)

"Hi everyone! My name is Maria and I am the Queensland Campus Director at English Unlimited. I am so excited to be part of this amazing place. I have always been passionate about Education and supporting students achieve their goals. Australia is an amazing country which welcomes International Students from around the world. I come from Argentina and I started learning English when I was 4 years old and till today, I have never stopped. I started my journey as an English Teacher back in my home country before moving to Australia 17 years ago. I am a passionate person who loves being in contact with other people and learn from them. I enjoy this position because it gives me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. If you see me around the campus please come and say hi! I will be happy to meet you and have a chat, I am sure you will discover that we have a lot in common! Welcome to English Unlimited!"

Ale Profile Picture


Accommodation Coordinator (Brisbane)

"Hi! I'm Alejandra from Mexico and I've been in Australia since 2019. My biggest passion is travelling, I love visiting new places, meeting new people and learning about different cultures. Being in Australia has helped me to grow as a person, to challenge myself and believe that nothing is impossible even when you are so far away from your family, friends and your own culture. I love working at English Unlimited as a Student Care Officer because now I have the opportunity to help international students in this amazing adventure of being in another country. I was once an international student so now I would love to meet you and help you in whatever way I can to make this experience unforgettable!"

Jack For EU


Student Care Officer (Brisbane)

"Hello, my name is Jack and I was born and bred here in Australia. After finishing school, I studied and completed a Bachelor of Teaching and taught in Primary schools around the Brisbane area for 2 years. Although I was born in Australia, I have been fortunate enough to travel to a few different countries in my young life including Thailand, America and New Zealand. Traveling and seeing different cultures is a passion of mine, so surrounding myself with students who have experienced a completely different lifestyle to my own is very exciting. I love working at EU because it combines both my passions of helping students and learning about different cultures and experiences. I look forward to meeting you all on campus and getting to know you. "

Naomi Pic 2


English Teacher (Brisbane)

"Hi, I'm Naomi. I grew up in the lovely city of Brisbane. I loved studying linguistics at university, and found my way to English language teaching a couple of years later. I have worked at a number of English colleges in Brisbane, and also spent a year living in the Philippines, working on a dictionary as part of a translation project. I have been with English Unlimited for the past 7 years (5 of them at the Melbourne campus). I love teaching English and working with students from around the world. I also really enjoy helping out with admin to support students and staff. It will be great to meet you on campus!"

Profile Pic KA


Marketing Communication Officer (Gold Coast) 

"Hi, My name is Karla and I am the Marketing and Communications Officer with the fabulous team at the Gold Coast campus. I grew up on the Far North Coast of NSW where I began my career in Graphic Design and Prepress, before making the to move to Sydney to continue my career and experience the exciting city life Australia has to offer. I loved living and working in Sydney and the amazing experience and opportunities that came along with it, but decided to move to the Gold Coast to a more familiar lifestyle. I absolutely love it here and I hope that you will too."


Melbourne - Marta Setkowicz.jpg


Student Experience Director (Melbourne)

"I am originally from Poland and I moved to Melbourne in 2015. My educational background is Public Relations and Communication Design. I believe that international education is the best way to learn new languages, meet new people and learn about the world. I have lived and studied in Poland, the United States of America, Spain and Australia and this has greatly influenced my life."

Welcome Email Photo


VIC Campus Manager (Melbourne) 

"I am from Chile and I've been in Australia since 2015. I studied Psychology back in my country and after two years working as Organisational Psychologist and volunteering as Clinical Psychologist I decided to travel and live abroad. This project was supposed to last less than a year, but I've been here for a while and I'm very happy and proud of everything I've achieved so far. I lived in Sydney for long time and moved to Melbourne to join this beautiful team."

Melbourne - Kylie O'Connor.jpg


Student Welfare and Study Progress Officer (Melbourne)

"I am from New Zealand and spent the later part of my teenage years growing up in sunny Western Australia before moving to Melbourne 7 years ago. I have completed both Psychological and Agricultural Science degrees and look forward to applying developed skills obtained during my education to my new role as Study Progress, Accommodation and Job Assistance Officer."

Melbourne - Magdalena Fatyga.jpg


Enterprise Education Manager (Melbourne)

"Hi My name is Magda and I joined this school in 2016. I studied Education Management in London and gained a wealth of experience working for international education providers across Europe. I am passionate about international education and I am excited to apply my skills and knowledge to help students at EU."



NSW Campus Director (Sydney)

"My name is Carolin and I am from Sydney. I have been working in international education for more than 20 years and love meeting people from all over the world and seeing lives transformed through learning. On the weekends I love taking photos and relaxing with family and friends."

Rachel Profile Pic


Campus Manager (Gold Coast)

"My name is Rachel and I am the Gold Coast Campus Manager at English Unlimited. I was born in Sydney and moved to the Gold Coast in 2013. I absolutely love it here and it is my pleasure to welcome you to the sunny Gold Coast. This place has so many wonderful things to offer including great weather, outdoor activities and diversity of culture. I am passionate about education and believe in supporting students to achieve excellence in every area of study. I love working at EU because I get to meet people from all over the world and learn about new cultures. My interests include Creative Arts and Design. I also love Skiing and the crisp air of snow capped mountains. I can't wait to meet you on campus and get to know you."

Max Profile Pic Square


ELICOS Academic Manager (Sydney)

"My name is Maxine, but please call me Max! I come from New Zealand and have had a long history of working in multicultural environments, not only in the ELICOS sector but also in refugee resettlement & support and as a self-employed restaurateur. I'm excited to be part of this team because my commitment to equality, diversity and social justice aligns so well with the values of English Unlimited. As Academic Manager, I have an 'open door' policy so that anyone who has a problem with their studies or or in their life outside school can come to see me and we can put appropriate support in place. It's wonderful to be part of a team that puts students first every time!"


Student Care Officer (Sydney)



Student Care Officer (Sydney)

"Hi, my name is Sarah. I was born and raised in China until I decided to take an adventure to Australia in 2018. I have completed a Bachelor of Musicology in China and a Master of Arts in TESOL in Australia. Since 2007, I have been working with children in the field of Education, and you might find me talking with rich body language. I appreciate the opportunity to come to Australia. Australia has fulfilled all my dreams as a host country with its culture and geography nature. I have now found the career that I am enthusiastic about of assisting international students as I once was. As one of the team members who dedicated in providing exceptional support to our students, I look forward to seeing you on campus and via live chat!"

Elda Koro


Marketing Communication Manager (Gold Coast)

"Hi I am Elda. I grew up in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and came to Australia in 1993. I travelled all around the world and lived in Bosnia, Macedonia and Canada before settling in Gold Coast, Australia. I studied fine arts and design, before taking interest in digital marketing. For over 20 years I have been working in strategic brand management, advertising and client engagement. I also enjoyed teaching a Diploma of Social Media Marketing and helped over 1000 students to successfully start their careers as professional marketers."


Study Progress Coordinator (Gold Coast)



Student Care Officer (Sydney)

"Hello my name is Palita and I am from Thailand. I firstly came to Australia in 2009 to commence a master degree in Cultural Studies. After the graduation I went back to Thailand and worked for international students service centre at the university for about about four years. I really enjoyed my time there assisting students from overseas to adapt themselves into new culture and environment. I am now settle down with my own family here in Sydney. As a Student Care Officer at APC I am looking forward to meet more international students and provide the supports they need and make sure they have a great time studying with APC."

Paul (1)


NSW Campus Manager (Sydney)

"My experience working with international students spans back more than 20 years. I have worked in various roles in different countries including Japan, South Korea and a lot of different cities in Australia. My goal is to make our students' experience at English Unlimited and Australian Pacific College the best it can be. If you see me around, feel free to stop me for a chat. "


Student Care Officer (Melbourne) 

"Hey! I am Pablo and I am from Chile. I came to Australia in 2017 planning to stay for a few months and then go back and finish my career in teaching. (Eu/APC was my first school here in Melbourne). My plans to return to Chile changed when I fell in love Australia. I have learnt new skills and, after 5 years, I'm back on track working on my teaching studies. I am passionate about learning about different cultures and at EU I am exposed to many different students from many different backgrounds. I am happy to be a part of the 'EU family' especially because I now have the chance to help international students, make them feel welcome, and ensure they are not alone on this journey. It also helps that I get to learn and grow in my role along with them."

Nikki Paton


Academic Manager (Melbourne)

"My name is Nikki and I am a kiwi who has lived in Melbourne on and off for almost 10 years! I started teaching ESL in South Korea, studied and taught in Vietnam and eventually returned to Melbourne to teach here. I have worked for APC / English Unlimited for about five years now. You'll often hear me saying "teaching doesn't feel like work," and that's because I really have found my passion here in ELICOS! I have a degree in Theatre and Classical History, but after graduating I found that I really loved travelling the world and wondered how I could make it a career. I got to meet a wide range of absolutely fascinating people and hear their stories. I now love facilitating learning in a multi-cultural classroom - I can help students achieve their language goals and experience "travel" everyday!"

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Meet Our Students

Testimonial_FCE_Ambre Le Goff_New_Caledonia.jpg


New_Caledonia.pngNew Caledonia

“My name is Ambre. I have so many good memories at EU. First, I've learned really fast with passionate teachers in a convivial and fun atmosphere. The most important is that you feel safe because this school cares about everyone, I was comfortable with this new adventure in a totally new country. Secondly, I’ve met gorgeous people from around the world. At the end of that amazing experience I could reach my professional goals: be a flight attendant. I want to say merci EU for everything.”




“I sat the test after 2 months IELTS Preparation at EU - it was my first attempt and I got the result I needed, 7.5. I'm really happy that I found this school. All teachers are highly qualified and experienced. Their advice and recommendations helped me to pass the test. For those students who aims at high IELTS results, I would recommend EU. This IELTS course is the one that can make your IELTS dreams come true.”




"I've enjoyed many many things. The atmosphere at the school is absolutely delightful. Everyone is always available, friendly and very helpful, which is amazing when one arrives in a new country and doesn't know a lot about it. I really have improved my English skills thanks to EU and the only bad thing about that experience is that it had to end!”




"I found the overall experience with English Unlimited very positive. The contents of the course was great and extremely useful, I enjoyed working with real professional issues. The most surprising elements for me was the fantastic social and international atmosphere and the enthusiasm and the engagement provided by the staff. I warmly recommend this.”



SthKorea.gifSouth Korea

“Hi I'm Jinsoo Park from Korea. I used to be a photographer. I studied around one-year at EU. I remember when I came to EU at first day. It was totally unfamiliar with new country and new school... moreover it was one of the most serious challenge in my whole life. But I adapted really soon to Australian life. Staff and teachers in EU were always such kind and ardent supporters of mine. I'll never forget I studied delightedly. I extremely recommend English Unlimited.”




“I'm Juan from Colombia, I studied law in my country but I felt the necessity to learn English. It has been a good experience in this beautiful school. The teachers are fantastic professionals and they do a great job, I found kind and awesome staff members. My classmates are lovely people and I made many friends in here. The amenities are amazing and you have many places where you can enjoy this school. Thank you EU for everything!"

Testimonial_IELTS_Luis_Miguel_ Valbuena_Colombia.jpg



"The IELTS preparation course in English Unlimited was very useful when taking the test, the techniques received in class were easy to follow and apply. Learning and using these helped me to avoid common mistakes, furthermore the practice test of the skills weeks gave me a hand in the management of time, and led me to achieve a high Band Score in the real test."

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