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General English - Everyday English Teaching Method

General English EDE


What is Everyday English?

Everyday English is a teaching method (and NEAS endorsed premium product) which was established in response to a student’s critical need for a course that combines language based education and enhances cultural experience in Australia.
We teach students the must-know, everyday language they are going to hear and experience, outside of school. Coming to a new country and learning a new language is not easy and that is why Everyday English creates a class environment that encourages and stimulates students to actively participate in the real world.
The Everyday English method enhances students’ learning experience, giving them the confidence to achieve their everyday goals. Our students learn how to speak with confidence, interact with the community and make the most of their experience in Australia.

Sample Timetable


Course Quick Facts

Course Length

1 to 77 weeks

20 hours face-to-face General English and up to 8 hours of optional classes per week

Start Dates

Every Monday (if Monday is a Public Holiday your course will start on Tuesday)

Entry Requirements



Tuition fee - $260 per week 
Application fee
$150 for Student Visa holders or $100 for others
Material fees -
$15 per week ($300 maximum)

Non-Tuition fees

Schedule of Administrative (Non-Tuition) Fees